Continuos Ridgeline Kit with 2 LoopAliens

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Our continuous ridgeline kit makes setting up your Apex Camping Shelter and centering it over the hammock even easier! The kit includes 35' of premium Zing It rope, 2 LoopAlien knot replacement devices/cord tensioners and 2 tied Klemheist knots. Zing It is extremely high quality rope that has an average strength of 650 lbs. and is extremely lightweight and durable. The LoopAliens make setting up and tensioning the ridgeline easy without tying knots. The included Klemheist knots are "slide and grip" knots that allow the tarp to be moved along the ridgeline. This allows the tarp to be easily adjusted and centered over your hammock. Zing It also works with the standard tensioners that are included with the Apex.

In the photo below, the continuous ridgeline is the yellow cord shown above the Apex Camping Shelter. The strong cordage combined with the LoopAliens makes it easy to apply a lot of tension to the cord for fast and reliable attachment. 

Continous ridgeling shown with the Apex Camping Shelter by GO Outfitters


Each kit includes 2 tied Klemheist slide and grip knots that can adjusted by simply sliding the knot to the desired position. When tension is applies to the loop, the knot grips the ridgeline, locking it in place. This knot makes centering the tarp above a hammock very easy.

Klemheist knot shown on ridgeline of the Apex Camping Shelter by GO Outfitters


Each kit includes 2 LoopAlien knot replacement devices. 

Loop Alien shown on Continuous ridgeline of the Apex Camping Shelter by GO! Outfitters



Click the diagram below for excellent instructions and a video about using LoopAliens! Derek Hansen, Author of The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide To Hammock Camping, came up with an great alternative hitch that works great with tarps and continuous ridgelines.

Diagram courtesy of Derek Hansen &

Photo courtesy of Derek Hansen at