Cinch Buckle Hammock Suspension System Now w/ Black Rope Loops

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Our top of the line tree straps with cinch buckles make set up a breeze and they're easy to adjust. These heavy duty polyester straps won't stretch like nylon straps that are commonly used with hammocks. We sourced the highest grade materials and parts we could find to ensure maximum durability, reliability and ease of use. These 1" wide tree straps are also recommended to protect the cambium layer of trees while using your hammock. Each strap is 15' long, so it's easy to find a place to set up your hammock. These tree straps work great in conjunction with the carabiners that ship with every GO! Hammock.

  • Zero Stretch Polyester Straps, the Best Choice for Hammock Camping
  • Straps have a 3000lb. Break Strength, and are Fabricated in the U.S.
  • Infinitely Adjustable for the perfect hang every time 
  • Set Up your hammock in about a minute.
  • Amazingly Strong Rope Loops: 1/8", 12-strand single braid construction of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber Rope Loops are Spliced by Hand in the U.S. Now in Black!
  • Each Strap is 15' Long so it's easy to find a place to hang your hammock
  • Always use a back up knot with any Cinch Buckle System.
  • Safely Supports up to 400 lbs. in a hammock
  • Total Weight: 18 oz.


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