Stratus Top Quilt: The Sleeping Un-Bag & Hammock Top Quilt 40°F

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Stratus Top Quilt

Stratus Top Quilt Features:  

  • Ultralight, compact & portable
  • Comfy alternative to a sleeping bag
  • Luxurious top quilt for hammock camping
  • Made for hiking & camping - works great indoors too
  • Take your camping comfort to a whole new level
  • Weighs only 1.5 pounds (1.75 lbs. w/ included compression bag)
  • Packs down to approx. 6” X 8" in included compression bag
  • Made with new, ultralight Stratushield Insulation


    Luxurious Camping Comfort

    The Stratus Top Quilt is designed with your comfort in mind. It replaces your sleeping bag and it’s a top quilt for hammock camping!

    Its generous size allows you to sleep in any position, whether you're in a hammock or a tent. You can regulate your body temperature by bundling up tight or by uncovering parts of your body, just like you do at home.


    Ultralight & Compact

    Stratus Top Quilt Weight: 1.5 lbs (1.75 lbs. w/ included compression bag)

    The Stratus Top Quilt is an ultralight version of our most popular product ever, The Adventure Top Quilt. It has a sleek new look and is only about half the weight of the Adventure Top quilt, weighing only 1.5 pounds. It packs down to a compact size of about six by eight inches and it includes a water resistant compression bag.

    Pull the straps tight to compress the Stratus Top Quilt to a compact size

    Shrinks down to a compact size of about 6"X8" in the included compression bag



    Sleeping Bags Have Problems

    If you want to make the most of your next camping trip, then getting a good night's sleep is critical.

    Sleeping bags are comfortable...if you're a mummy

    Sleeping bags are difficult to get in and out of. They restrict your movement and may make it hard to get comfortable and to fall asleep. The Stratus Top Quilt solves these problems!

    Stratus Top Quilt Special Features:

    Built-In Foot Pocket

    The Stratus Top Quilt has an overstuffed, built-in foot pocket that keeps it in place and keeps your tootsies toasty. The foot pocket can be adjusted by cinching it up with the built-in shock cord and cord locks.

    Quasi Hood

    For cold weather, we've added snaps to the top corners that can be connected to create a quasi hood. Cinch it up to create a tight seal that locks in heat.

    Made With Stratushield

    The Stratus Top Quilt features our new Stratushield Insulation. This fluffy, cloud like insulation is ultralight, lofty, and compressible. Stratushield locks in your body heat to keep you cozy. It’s 100% polyester so it can be washed, and It dries quickly, unlike goose down quilts. Stratushield Insulation is hypoallergenic, insulates even when wet and doesn't lose loft in humid environments like down does.

    Oversized For Your Comfort

    The Stratus Top Quilt is oversized. It’s 7 feet long by four and a half feet wide and great for people of all sizes. It will keep you cozy in temperatures as low as 40° Fahrenheit.

    We think you’ll agree that the Stratus Top Quilt is much more comfortable than a sleeping bag. So order yours today and start planning your next adventure!