Titanium Micro Hook

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The Titanium Micro Hook is an ultralight (0.3 gram) device for quickly connecting GO! Line Cordage to an anchor point or to a Shock Cord Loop (Shock Loops Sold Separately). Rapidly connect one end of a tarp ridgeline to a tree. Simply attach the Titanium Hook to the end of your GO! Line cordage, pass the end around a tree and clip the hook to the ridgeline.

The tiny Titanium Micro Hook is designed to work with small diameter cordage like GO! Line by GO! Outfitters

This hook saves you time by eliminating the need to tie a knot every time you set your tarp up. You might want to order several of these nifty little hook because you'll finds loads of uses like hanging a backpack, lantern, gravity fed water filter or setting up tent or tarp guy lines etc.  

Ultralight hikers and hammock campers will love the Titanium Microhook paired with GO! Line Cordage.

Check out the video below to learn how they work!


Titanium Micro Hooks Are Sold individually.