Upgraded Tarp Ridgeline + Guy Line Kit

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Upgraded Tarp Ridgeline + Guy Line Kit w/ GO! Line & Tactical Toggles

This kit makes it easy and fun to pitch your tarp. Each kit includes a 100’ roll of GO! Line Reflective Cordage that lights up in the night when the beam from your headlamp hits it. The 12 Tactical Toggles replace knots and make it a snap to tension the cordage and to adjust the tarp.

You’ll have more than enough GO! Line for a tarp ridgeline and 6 guy lines. The extra cordage will come in handy while you’re camping or hiking

Kit Includes:

  • 100’ Roll of  GO! Line Premium Ultralight Reflective Cordage (you’ll only need about 50’ of GO! Line for most tarp configurations)
  • 12 Tactical Toggle Knot Replacement Devices

Don’t forget to order a set of Premium Aluminum Stakes to complete your kit!


 Video Tutorials for GO! Line & Tactical Toggles are below!


GO! Line Product Video


Tutorial: How To Hang A Tarp w/ GO! Line & Tactical Toggles


Tutorial: How to Make Zipper Pulls w/ Tactical Toggles & GO! Line


We think you'll be pleased with the ease of using GO! Line and Tactical Toggles to pitch your tarp!

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