Campfire Pot Hanger Tripod

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Our new Campfire Pot Hanger Tripod makes it easy to cook over a fire. Simply hang a pot, pan or kettle that has a wire bail, on the included hook and start cooking!

Campfire Tripod by Go Outfitters makes it easy to cook over a campfire!


It's lightweight and portable

The kit weights just 17 oz. and packs into the included 12" X 1.5" travel pouch. When assembled the Campfire Tripod is 30.75" tall when assembled.

The Capfire Tripod is portable, lightweight and easy to use. It makes it easy to cook when you're camping.


It works with our Campfire To Go - Portable Fire Pit

It's a tight fit but it does work with our Campfire To Go as seen in this photo.

The Campfire Tripod works with our Campfire To Go portable fire pit



You can easily regulate the heat by adjusting the distance height of the pot with the included chain and pin. This allows you to cook, simmer or keep food warm!

It's easy to adjust the Campfire Tripod with the included chain and pin.


Aluminum Construction

It's lightweight and strong due to it's aluminum construction. In the photo below, we tested the limits pf the Campfire Tripod by hanging a 17 pound, 12" cast iron dutch oven! It held up fine but to be safe we are setting the maximum recommended weight limit at 8 pounds. It's important to use the tripod on relatively flat ground that is not slippery, to prevent the legs from spreading when under load.

 We tested the Campfire Tripod with a 17 pound dutch oven. Max recommended weight limit is 9 pounds.

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