Deluxe Tarp Ridgeline + Guy Line Kit

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Deluxe Tarp Ridgeline + Guy Line Kit w/ Titanium Micro Hooks, Tactical Toggles, GO! Line & Shock Loops

This top of the line kit kit makes it easy and fun to pitch your tarp. Each Kit includes a 100’ roll of GO! Line Reflective Cordage that lights up in the night when the beam from your headlamp shines on it. Micro Hooks make connecting a tarp ridgeline and the guy lines a snap. The Tactical Toggles replace knots and make it easy to tension the cordage and adjust the tarp. The Shock loops are like shock absorbers for your tarp. They absorb some of the impact when gusty winds suddenly blow against your tarp. The Shock Loops keep tension on your tarp even if your tarp stretches & the Titanium Micro Hooks connect quickly and securely to the Shock Loops

With a 100' roll, you’ll have more than enough GO! Line for a tarp ridgeline and 6 guy lines. The extra cordage will come in handy while you’re camping or hiking

Kit Includes:

  • 100’ Roll of  GO! Line Premium Ultralight Reflective Cordage (you’ll only need about 50’ for most tarp configurations)
  • 7 Titanium Micro Hooks (Used to connect tarp ridgeline to one tree and and up to six guy lines to the shock loops)
  • 6 Shock Loops (Shock Loops attach easily to the gut line tie out points)
  • 12 Tactical Toggle Knot Replacement Devices (Includes 4-6 more Tactical Toggles needed for most tarp configurations)

Don’t forget to order a set of Premium Aluminum Stakes to complete your kit!


Video Tutorials for GO! Line & Tactical Toggles are below.


Customer created tutorial for Deluxe Tarp Ridgeline + Guy Line Kit

Big W made this great YouTube tutorial this kit. He has lots of informative videos about hammock camping and GO! Outfitters gear. Check out his YouTube channel  and considering subscribing!


GO! Line Product Video


Tutorial: How To Hang A Tarp w/ GO! Line & Tactical Toggles


Click Here for Titanium Micro Hook Info


Tutorial: How to Make Zipper Pulls w/ Tactical Toggles & GO! Line


We think you'll be pleased with the ease of using this top of the line kit to pitch your tarp!

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