Mini Carabiner

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Use GO! Outfitters brand Mini Carabiner for attaching your underquilt to your camping hammock, or for easily removeable guy lines, hammock tarps, tent guy lines, and ooutdoors.


Our Mini Carabiners have many uses when you are camping or hiking. They are great for tarps, tarp ridgelines, tent guy lines, underquilt suspensions, hanging backpacks and for tons of other outdoor uses. The snag-free design helps prevent damage to your gear. They're so inexpensive that you can pick up a bunch. You'll find lots of uses for them.

  • Weight .24 oz.
  • Dimensions: 6cm Length X 3cm Width, 3mm Thickness
  • Material: Aluminum Body w/ Stainless Steel Wiregate


These carabiners are not rated for climbing or supporting human weight and are not suitable for Structural Hammock Ridgelines!

 Mini Carabiners are great for hammock tarps, tarp camping, tent stakes and guy lines, camping, hiking and outdoor activities