Quick Link Hammock Tree Straps | No-Stretch Polyester | 2 Strap Set

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This high quality hammock suspension system is reliable, inexpensive and easy to set up and adjust. You can set your hammock up in less than a minute with this system.

  • Our daisy-chain system makes it easy to set your hammock up without any complicated knots or hardware. To use, simply wrap the strap around a tree and pass the adjustment loop end through the anchor loop and clip the carabiner on your hammock to one of the 16 adjustment loops. 
  • 6 Ultra-Strong rows of bar tack stitches secure each of the 34 loops. Because of this the Quick Link Tree Straps are the most reliable daisy-chain hammock suspension straps in the industry.
  • Each Strap has 16 Adjustment Loops + 1 Loop for Attachment to a Tree. • 400 lb. Weight Capacity. These No-Stretch Polyester Webbing Tree Straps are the Best Choice for Hammock Camping and general Hammock Use
  • High Visibility Reflective Threads help prevent you from forgetting them by accidentally leaving them attached to the tree.
  •  2 Year Warranty
  • Includes Free Drawstring Bag & Instructions Complete Set Only Weighs 12 ounces.
  • These straps won't stretch when you use them or when they get wet, making them the best choice for hammock camping.
  •  Carabiners are not included with this set but every hammock made by Go Outfitters includes 2 free carabiners