Tactical Toggle Knot Replacement Devices - 12 Piece Set

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Tactical Toggle Knot Replacement Devices are an easy & reliable way to hang a tarp or to set up guy lines without complicated knots. They are ultralight and you can use them to tension guy ropes too! They pair perfectly with our GO! Line Ultralight Reflective Cordage. You can set up your tarp very quickly using tactical toggles as knot replacement devices and there are no complicated knots to learn or remember. Ultralight cordage is usually very thin diameter cordage and it  can be difficult to tie and untie most knots in thin rope. Tactical Toggles eliminate the hassle of using ultralight cordage. Each toggle weighs only 1.4 grams!

These multipurpose toggles are great for camping or hiking and have many outdoor uses like zipper pulls, toggles, guy line tensioners, knot replacement devices etc. You can use them to tension guy ropes and tarp ridgelines or to get a grip on thin cordage to protect your hands when tightening thin cordage.

ITW Nexus Tactical Toggles are made from durable acetal and will last for many years to come. Supplies are running low so order now!


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