GO! Hammock 2.0

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GO! Hammock Version 2.0

 Watch the product video above to see it in action!

Limited Time Only: $37 Worth of Free Accessories Included w/ Every GO Hammock 2.0!

The GO! Hammock was the product that began it all for GO! Outfitters in 2015, and now we’re excited to announce the GO! Hammock Version 2.0! 

We’ve kept all of the features that made the original so comfortable, durable, portable and popular, while making some big improvements.

The GO! Hammock 2.0 is available in three colors, Forest Green, Coyote Brown, and Slate Gray

Product benefits that set the GO! Hammock 2.0 apart from the competition


Benefit #1: Comfort

The GO! Hammock 2.0 is designed with your comfort in mind. It’s so comfortable that you can sleep in it through the night or take amazing naps in it. We’ll go over the features that make this hammock so comfortable in the product description below. 

Benefit #2Value

These Accessories, Worth $37 Are Included FREE w/ Every Hammock

This premium hammock comes with top of the line, pro-grade accessories. Each hammock includes a preinstalled, structural ridgeline, two premium snag free aluminum carabiners, two high strength suspension loops, four built-in quilt hooks, our innovative Fabric Tensioning System and a water resistant Rapid Deployment Bag.

More details about these features are in the description below. 

Benefit #3: No Annoying Loose Fabric

No annoying loose fabric smacking you in the face as seen in the photo below. This is a very common problem with hammocks. Our exclusive Fabric Tensioning System eliminates this problem by preventing the hammock fabric from flapping in the wind and getting on your nerves. 

Our Exclusive Fabric Tensioners, prevent annoying loose fabric that's common with hammocks

Benefit #4: Easy Set Up

You can set it up like a pro, in about a minute thanks to the Rapid Deployment Bag, preinstalled suspension ropes, carabiners, structural ridgeline and our optional Quick Link Tree Straps or Cinch Buckle System. 

The included Rapid Deployment Bag makes set up a breeze!

Benefit #5: Durable & Long Lasting

Made from our proven and time tested 70D Nylon Fabric, the Go Hammock 2.0 is sure to provide you with many years of reliable service. 

Benefit #6: It's a chair, too!

The GO! Hammock 2.0 is not only comfortable to lie in,  it's also a comfy, lightweight, portable hammock chair that you can use in countless positions. 

There are many ways to sit in the GO! Hammock 2.0

Features that make this hammock great:

Feature #1: Exclusive Fabric Tensioning System

The Fabric Tensioning System tightens up annoying loose fabric that's common with hammocks

In this photo, you can see how the Fabric Tensioning System pulls in excess, loose fabric to prevent it from blowing in the wind

The Fabric Tensioning System creates folds in the hammock giving it a unique shape when it's in use

The GO Hammock 2.0 is the only hammock in the world with our exclusive Fabric Tensioning System. Large hammocks often have annoying loose fabric than can flap in the wind. Our improved Fabric Tensioning System completely eliminates this problem. We’ve added built-in hooks to make it easy to set up and remove the tensioners. These hooks can also be used to hold an Under Quilt in position, to help keep your backside cozy. 

The Fabric Tensioning System can now easily be connected and disconnected with the four new hooks that are installed on every hammock. These hooks can also be used to help secure a hammock under quilt in position, so it stays in place

Feature #2: Designed for Comfort

It’s designed with your comfort in mind: There are many reasons the GO! Hammock 2.0 is incredibly comfortable. First, it’s large size of 11 feet by 70 inches, helps, flatten out your body position and allows you to lay at a diagonal angle, which most experts agree is the most comfortable way to sleep in a hammock. Unlike other large hammocks that have 2 seams running down the length of the hammock, the 2.0 has only one strategically placed seam. You won’t have a seam digging into your back or neck that happens with competitors' hammocks. The comfort level you’ll experience in this hammock is second to none. 

Feature #3: Structural Ridgeline ($14 Value)

$14 Value! The included premium grade Structural Ridgeline is hand spliced in the USA with high strength rope that won't stretch

The GO! Hammock 2.0 includes a pre-installed, hand spliced structural ridgeline: A structural ridgeline is a strong piece of  low stretch rope that runs from one end of the hammock to the other. The ridgeline is shorter than the hammock, it’s length  determines the amount the hammock sags, which changes the way the hammock supports your body. Most hammock campers find that if a hammock is set up too tight or too loose, it’s just not comfortable. The ridgeline locks in the sag of the hammock, so you can easily and consistently set it up for maximum comfort.  Hanging a hammock with the same amount of sag each time isn't easy without a structural ridgeline. 

Feature #4: Rapid Deployment Bag ($10 Value)

$14 Value! The included premium grade Structural Ridgeline is hand spliced in the USA with high strength rope that won't stretch

The included rapid deployment bag makes setting up and packing up faster than ever. It also allows you to set the hammock up, or pack it up, without it ever touching the ground. It’s designed to stay on one end of the hammock, while it’s set up. You can easily pack the hammock starting at one end and finishing at the opposite end so when you set it up next time, it will deploy, like a parachute.  

The Rapid Deployment Bag has an opening at each end. You can use the different colored carabiners to mark the "head end" of the hammock that you prefer

The GO! Hammock 2.0 deploys like a parachute, thanks to the included Rapid Deployment Bag

Feature #5: Premium Aluminum Carabiners ($13 Value)

Each GO! Hammock 2.0 includes 2 premium grade aluminum carabiners, a $13 value!

Includes 2 Premium Aluminum Carabiners that are super strong and smooth so they won’t  snag on the fabric or damage your hammock. 

Feature #6: Durability

The GO! Hammock 2.0 is made from the same high quality 70D Nylon as all of our hammocks. This time tested and fabric has been proven to be extremely reliable, so you can count on it for years to come. 

Feature #7: Quality and Craftsmanship

From raw materials to the final product, the 2.0 is made by skilled experts. The high level of craftsmanship is second to none, and every piece undergoes a stringent, quality control inspection. By having experienced professionals produce this hammock, we’re ensuring that each backer receives a high quality product that will last. 


  • Hammock Length: 11 feet
  • Hammock Width: 70 inches
  • Packed Size: 9" X 5" X 3"  (loosely packed and easily compresses to a smaller size)
  • Weight of GO! Hammock 2.0 only: 15 oz.
  • Total Weight w/ Included Accessories:  1 lb. 4 oz. (Includes: Hammock, 2 Carabiners, 2 Rope Loops, 1 Rapid Deployment Bag, 1 Ridgeline, 1 Fabric Tensioning System)
  • Hammock Fabric: 70D High Tenacity Nylon 
  • Rapid Deployment Bag Fabric: Waterproof 70D Polyester w/ Polyurethane Coating 
  • Max Weight: 400 lbs.

Suspension Systems 

We offer two high quality Hammock Suspension Systems, Quick Link Tree Straps and our Cinch Buckle System.

Choose the one that's right for you, or use the hammock straps that you may already own. Details about both systems are below.


Quick Link Tree Straps (Optional) 

Quick Link Tree Straps are the most cost effective and easiest way to hang your GO! Hammock 2.0

Quick Link Tree Straps make setting up your hammock easy and fast. Just pass the end of the tree strap that has a single loop, around a tree and then pass the other end of the strap through the loop. Pull tight and clip a hammock carabiner to one of the sixteen, high strength loops. You can adjust the height and tension on the straps, by choosing a loop that's closer or farther from the tree. 

Just clip the included carabiners onto the heavy duty loops of the Quick Link Tree Straps and you're hammock is set up.

Quick Link Tree Straps Details:

  • Includes two, 10' Long Straps and Storage Bag. Each strap has 16 Adjustment Loops + 1 Loop for Attachment to a Tree
  •   400 lb. Weight Capacity. These  No-Stretch Polyester Webbing Tree Straps are the Best Choice for Hammock Camping and general Hammock Use
  • Our daisy-chain system makes it easy to set your hammock up without  any complicated knots or hardware. To use, simply wrap the strap around a  tree and pass the adjustment loop end through the anchor loop and clip  the carabiner on your hammock to one of the 16 adjustment loops. 
  • 6 Ultra-Strong rows of bar tack stitches secure each of the 34  loops for strength and reliability.
  • Each Strap has 16 Adjustment Loops + 1 Loop for Attachment to a  Tree
  • High Visibility Reflective Threads help prevent you from forgetting them by accidentally leaving them attached to the tree.
  •  2 Year Warranty
  • Includes Free Drawstring Bag & Instructions
  • Total Weight of Set: 12 oz.

Cinch Buckle Suspension System (Sold Separately)

A premium hammock suspension that's an alternative to our Quick Link Tree Straps. Cinch Buckles are easy to use and allow precise adjustments. 

Our Cinch Buckle Hammock Suspension System is durable, infinitely adjustable and easy to use! Cinch Buckles Include Two Heavy Duty, 15' Tree Straps and Two Cinch Buckles with High Strength Loops that are Hand Spliced in the USA. These tree straps are the strongest, thickest straps in the industry. The thickness of these straps prevent the straps from slipping rapidly through the cinch buckles, like our competitors straps can. 

Cinch Buckles with the included Extra Heavy Duty, 15' Tree Straps allow precise adjustments.

Cinch Buckle Hammock Suspension System Specs

  • NEW! Now with Stainless Steel Cinch Buckles! 
  • Rope Loops are Spliced by Hand in the U.S.A.!
  • Zero Stretch Polyester Straps, the Best Choice for Hammock Camping
  • Straps have Break Strength of over 2,000 pounds, and are Fabricated in the U.S.
  • Infinitely Adjustable for the perfect hang every time 
  • Set Up your hammock in about a minute
  • Amazingly Strong Rope Loops: 1/8", 12-strand single braid construction of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber
  • Each Strap is 15' Long so it's easy to find a place to hang your hammock
  • Always use a back up knot with any Cinch Buckle System.
  • Safely Supports up to 400 lbs. in a hammock
  • Total Weight of Set: 10 oz.

Tutorial: How to install and use the Cinch Buckle Hammock Suspension System 

We believe that the GO! Hammock 2.0 is one of the most comfortable, durable and reliable hammocks on the market.  So what are you waiting for? Order one today!